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Pure Life

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Today, make a resolution to take better care of yourself and get healthy. Make life energetic and peaceful with these four essential mantras of Pure Life. 1. Walk: helps you to track daily steps and one can share completed goals on social media. 2. Meditation: leads you to a deeper level of relaxation. 3. Chant: helps you to remember the components of prayer and stores your previous score. 4. Yoga: shares basic exercises which will help to reduce stress.

DOR - Delivery On Request

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DOR (Delivery on Request) App allows retailers to capture delivery requests and tracking capabilities using smart phones call log feature. The key features are to build prospective customer database and link all deliveries to call log numbers or manual feeds. In case if the retailer's contact number changes then share the new number with all existing customers in simple steps. Capturing order in easy steps with the minimum keyed information, and using smart phone camera features.


Astonishing Blog

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

"Riches, prestige, everything can be lost, but happiness in your own heart can only be dimmed; it will always be there, as long as you live, to make you happy again."  
A quote from 'The Diary of a Young Girl Anne Frank'

Life is to me is about doing the things that make you happy. People spend their whole lives searching for happiness & when they find it, they never want to let it go. Life is not fair always with you, but it never stops you to add your own version of the story. Don't get pissed off with life phases, because all that matters is that moment and feeling right there. We come across many people in day to day life and could find that there are differences in their stories. Where few people believe their life to be very unfair to them & some are really happy what they have.
The meaning of life is an endless question; as it differs from an individual's perception. So every life is an opportunity who they want to be in the world so you get to create it.

I heard people saying Bollywood dialogue 'Aise halato mein hum kar bhi kya sakte hai' (What else we can do in this situation?). That means they have completely surrendered or gave up in the life. For such people, they treat their life very unfair not the life, who they blame.
Life is a roller coaster ride, having ups and down, difficult and adventures but rewarding for your persistence. And that's how it should be, because life is too ironic to understand, it takes sadness to know what happiness is.
In the past couple of years, I found that people very commonly accept that we can't do anything to make it special when time is running bad. Let me tell you that life could be more interesting if you can enjoy your own version of the story. Life for me has always been a collection of stories.
One last time I went to Mumbai for entrepreneur summit with one of my mates, we have been provided substandard accomodation at Sakinaka what we'd booked online. But we couldn't do anything but to accept it, as I headed to thane instead of hotel to complete some coding work. And guess what I wasn't aware of the facts until the next day when I directly went to the hotel room after exhausting myself in seminars. I found the room was very miserable, the plaster worn off and hanging against the wall of that small 7x8 sqft room at Sakinaka. Suddenly, my old memories started playing in mind as someone played rewind button of my life story. The days when I used to stay at 4 star room with gym and swimming pool. I felt very bad not for the situation, but for the fact I wasn't told and accepted. But I woke up from the daydream and told myself that, this is not the story I would like to tell my grandchildren, so without wasting time, I boarded metro from Sakinaka to Andheri and local to Churchgate and ask my mate to join me who went outside to meet relatives.  
At around 11:30 pm we ate pizza at pizza by the bay and after that headed toward the marine drive. I stood at the wall, staring at glimpses of Mumbai skyscraper told myself, here I will be writing my own version of the story with all happy feelings and promises for all my grandchildren.

So never give up,
                          When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.